Hi all,

After playing Skyrim under my new trophy account (not so new anymore,lol) I got all the trophies apart from the Oblivion Walker where you have to acquire 15 daedric artifacts, this was a bit annoying as I did manage to get the daedric staff ( can’t remember what it’s called ) where you don’t destroy the skull but kill the guy trying to destroy it. After acquiring the staff I put it in my Breezehome in Whiterun so it wouldn’t disappear on me. Well, it did. It also did the same thing on one of the swords, so what I have to do now is start the game over.

This time around I will keep all daedric artifacts on my person, this way there is no way they should disappear on me.  It’s a disappointing glitch but at least I get another excuse to play it over again, I do love this game. Still waiting to get enough money spare to buy the download content for this too.

Next game coming in the mail is Borderlands as my original copy broke so i’ll probably play that amongst all the other games I plan on getting the platinums for.  Not much else happing, just enjoying being Dragonborn again, lol.  Happy gaming.


Tony 🙂