Hi all,

Got caught up playing Hitman Absolution and i’m about 4 trophies shy of platinum, i’m actually playing the professional mode for that trophy then I just have to go through one more time to get the 100 challenges. This is my second playthrough and it’s still great fun, there are so many different ways to kill enemies. I really like the sniper rifle and enjoyed getting the 47 pro headshots.

If you get this game make sure you check out the challenges for each level as these give score multipliers and upgrades on your skills etc..Also online play is very fun, you create a contract (another trophy) and others can play your contracts and like them (another trophy), you can also compete in competitions using your contracts or your friends contracts. You can also check your scores against other players or friends to see how well or how badly you did.

The good thing about creating contracts and playing them online is that none are impossible as you have to play the contract yourself while your creating it, the harder you make it the more contract points/dollars you get, a fairly easy way to hit the $1,000,000 (another trophy). A great game with a great storyline and very fun to play. You can complete story in a day or so but if you really get into it you could spend days going through each level stealthily. If you don’t buy this one at least rent it, you will enjoy it tremendously.

Tony 🙂