Hi all,

Yes i’ve been playing the new Sniper game, looks like I may just platinum this one, two very hard trophies (at least for me anyway) are one online where you have to melee kill someone, use a sidearm to kill someone and snipe someone all in the same game, got all other online trophies. The other trophy I got to get is playing story on expert which i’m doing now and have completed the first act, there are three all together so am hopeful about getting the platinum for this one.

Only two days left until I get my Bioshock Infinite download and i’m really looking forward to that, shame there is no multiplayer as I enjoyed multiplayer on Bioshock 2, oh well, hope the story mode makes up for the loss of online play.

I did get my recording set up working but it’s a long process at the moment, the quality of video isn’t great but it’s pretty good, definitely good enough to do some walkthrough’s, chapters etc…I’m actually looking forward to making some decent videos for youtube of my gameplay, I haven’t been put off yet, even though my first video took 3hrs to put together 3 minutes of video, lol. I guess it’s a learning process before I get it right.

All eyes ready for 7th May for The Last of Us, that’s my next major game I really want to own, would love to do the video walkthrough for that one, looks amazing. Well that’s all from me today, happy gaming.

Tony 🙂