Hi all,

Yeah the new Tomb Raider is a great game, bit short as you can complete story mode in a day but great playability, probably won’t get everything first time around although you can. Basically to get platinum trophy you will need to complete everything, side missions, finding all relics, documents, tombs etc…There is a ton of stuff to do but it’s not hard and it’s a pleasure to play.

Downside for me is the multiplayer, trophies on this will take a while and it’s basically the same usual stuff, team deathmatch, free for all, a version of capture the flag which seems a little out of place for a game of this sort. I would have liked to see a story type multiplayer mode so i’m not thrilled about going for these online trophies.

All in all I would give story a 9 out of 10 and multiplayer a 5 but that’s a personal opinion, maybe i’ll get into the online thing after trying it for a bit. Next game coming should be Sniper Ghost Warrior 2, i’ve seen about 20 minutes of playtime of this and it looks great, this is none of that quick sniping rubbish people get into, this is how real sniping should be, brilliant game if you have patience, I loved the first one so second one should get to me by the weekend.

Only 13 more days to go until I get to download my copy of Bioshock Infinite, will do a nice review on that one, until then, happy gaming.

Tony 🙂