Hi all,

I’m about 35% on trophies for Final Fantasy 13-2 and am at the end of the story, hoping to platinum that soon as i’ve got Dead Space 3 coming either tomorrow or the day after, looking forward to seeing how different it will be compared to the first two.

Looking forward to the new Tomb Raider and also The Last of Us I think will be one of those epic titles that will end up winning game of the year, it looks so cool. I’ve taken Bioshock Infinite off my list temporarily due to better games coming out at the same time (that’s a personal opinion). I’m also in the process of trying to get together the right gear so I can make some video walkthroughs on some the new games due out next month.

I’ve been wanting to make more videos ever since playing White Knight Chronicles 1 a few years ago, I enjoyed making the vids but it was a lengthy process, hopefully I will sort it out this time so it is more efficient, and also better graphics.

That’s all for today, let me know of any new games you will be playing this month and next month, happy gaming.

Tony 🙂