Hi all,

I thought i’d give a few tips when adding friends online while playing on your PS3. I’ve noticed that I have been getting quite a few friend requests, probably from this site, that have not paid much attention to my profile. When thinking of adding or sending a friend request there is one thing you should really consider before sending that request.

First thing you should do is to check the persons profile, this will show you what trophies they have and what games they have or are playing, this is fairly important due to the fact that your friends list is limited. To get the most from this feature you really want to add players that are playing the same type of games as you. I’ve been getting friend requests from people who do not have one game that is even similar to what i’m playing, eg: I checked one player who sent me a friend request and all he was playing was war games, this would be pointless for me to add him as I do not play any type of war games, just RPG’s or action/adventure type games, by adding this person I would have added a friend who I would never have played and at the same time taken up a spot for a friend who was more compatible with me.

I really don’t mind adding new players to my friends list but we should at least have two or three games in common, so be sure to check players profile before sending requests. Another thing to remember once you’ve been accepted as a friend, please don’t send multiple requests for game invites, send an invite, if you get no reply or the person don’t join you it’s probably because they don’t want to play that game or they are in the middle of playing something else. I have had more than 20 game invites within a few minutes, needless to say I deleted that person, I don’t need my message box cluttered up with tons of game invites, it’s unnecessary. If I get a game invite, if I can join you then I will, if I can’t then I won’t, as soon as I get the chance I will reply to your message and let you know why, send me more than 4 game invites before I can either join you or reply to you will get you deleted. Sorry but if your going to plague me with game invites what are you going to be like when I join you?

One last point, please don’t bother sending me those stupid messages that say Sony will give you $50 if you send this to so many other players, it’s just a bogus message started by some prankster, if you get one of these, and I think most of us get them, just delete them and block the person sending them. Apart from these few points mentioned I wish you all a great game day and hopefully we can join each other and have some fun, good luck.

Tony 🙂