Hi all,

Well my first full day playing Uncharted:Drakes Fortune got me 60% of my trophies, completed the game on Hard Mode, which has now unlocked Crushing Mode for me. Today I’ve been playing Uncharted: Among thieves, part way through story mode, then I switched over to mulitplayer, going to give myself a couple of weeks to platinum these two before moving on to something else.

I don’t enjoy multiplayer on among thieves so much as Uncharted: Drakes Deception, I got to beta test that one and I thought it was pretty awesome so i’m looking forward to getting that after completion of these first two games.

Because of everyone in the house getting new ps3 systems for christmas we all got the same bundle so we each own a copy of Among Thieves so we can help each other get the online trophies when our friends are not playing. That’s about it for today so have fun out there and have a happy new year everyone:)

Tony 🙂