Hi all,

Yes I made it to GR 18 after a couple of late nights, going to be a bit of a long haul to GR 19 but at least it’s allowed me to level up to 70, which in turn means I am now wearing some half decent armor and actually manage to deal some reasonable damage for my guild rank and level.

This also opened up some more errands for me which i’m slowly going through, the errands are worth doing as every so many you get given a bunch of guild rank points, from 20k up to 60k which really helps out.

Another really good thing that happened was that our guild “In God We Trust” managed to hit level 9 tonight, we was all sweating there for a while as we didn’t really know if we would make it or not. Now i’m looking forward to getting in there tomorrow to find out what is new in the store, should be more armors and weapons (i hope)and apparently a better chance of vessels in the geostone exchange.

Hopefully by the weekend I may hit GR 19 which will then allow me to hit level 75, and I also hope to finish up most of the errands and bounties. I may even get the chance to level up Leonard enough so I can finish story mode, that would be cool.

Will update again tomorrow if I get on.

Tony 🙂