Ok my latest exploit isn’t my usual RPG, in fact it’s not even an RPG, it’s a shooter. Now don’t give me a hard time on this, hear me out ok.

I was waiting for Borderlands to turn up and in the meantime i’d added some games purely because they had trophies, I am a bit of a trophy hunter and I think it’s a decent feature on the PS3 system, I actually get a kick out of seeing those pop up trophy messages in the top right hand corner of the screen, it’s like acknowledging that you’ve actually achieved something, like a pat on the back for doing a good job.

Anyway one game which was added to the list was a hunting game called cabela’s outdoor adventures 2010, now I already see the criticism but it was initially put on the list first because it had trophies and second because a couple of my boys wanted to play it too.

So, while waiting for Borderlands to show it’s face this Cabela’s turns up first, so I give it a go, and yes, you guessed it, it happened to be a half decent game, not my thing at all but it was a bit of fun, really.

It actually only took me around 8hrs to complete the main story mode and another 2 hours to complete trophy mode, which makes it one of the easiest games to achieve a platinum trophy for your PS3 collection if your a trophy hunter.

Ok a bit about the game, at best for those like myself it’s a break from the norm, a bit of fun and I think if it was any longer than it was it wouldn’t have been enjoyable, sorry to those fans of Cabela’s that wish they were longer but I think the balance was perfect.

You get to go through four states in america to hunt pretty much every creature you can legally hunt, you gain access to a wide variety of rifles, shotguns and even a couple of bows (which was fun), a hundgun and some special accessories which make the hunt that much easier, a treestand to shoot from up high, some bear and deer scent to attract the beasts your going to kill, some cover spray so they can’t detect you so easily and so on.

The story mode is fairly straightforward and you can’t wander off too far without a tree blocking your way or water you can’t cross so you will always come across the animal your supposed to be hunting.

Most of your PS3 trophies you will obtain by following the main quest but there are a couple that you could easily miss, like one trophy is for killing animals with each weapon, sounds easy but it’s easy to forget to change your weapon that you just recently unlocked, so as you obtain a new rifle or shotgun then try to use it.

Another trophy which seemed easy enough was use iron sights only, well I looked and looked and couldn’t find no iron sights, what it actually meant was take the sights off the gun so you just use the iron sights of the gun.

All in all a pretty good game, enjoyable, not too long that you’d get bored of it, a decent bit of fun and another platinum trophy under your belt. Not a buyer unless you really love these kinds of games but a definite rent.

If anyone decides to give it a go and gets stuck just let me know and i’ll help you out as there are about two or three hidden areas which could be easy to miss, mostly on the opportunity hunts.

After playing this one i’ve decided to add Cabela’s Big Game Hunter 2010 to my rent list as this one has over 50 trophies too, I think secretly i’m actually looking forward to playing it.

Keep your eye out for my review of that one, hey, I gotta do something while i’m waiting for the good stuff to turn up.

Tony 🙂